Our Mission

Making quality, efficient, and environmentally sustainable manufacturing easy and accessible to designers big & small.
— Urth Apparel

Urth Apparel strives to empower designers and brands to be able to focus on creating the world's highest quality clothing, by offering the world's most thorough private-label product development, sourcing, and manufacturing services.  

We'll oversee each stage of your brand's design or production from design to pattern to sewing, protecting your interests from start to finish.  Leave the legwork associated with technical design, apparel manufacturing, and import/export logistics to us, so you can do what you do best: design!  

How We Began


In 2013, our Founder began an international trade cooperative that focused on natural foods and cotton apparel from Peru.  His dream was fueled by sleepless nights of dedication and hard work.  The creation and ideation stages for each garment breathed excitement and inspiration into the company's foundation.  

However, our Founder quickly faced a real struggle: finding a factory that shared his passion for both chic, fashionable products beyond simple tee's and caring for the earth and our ecosystem.   As if that wasn't hard enough, there was still the need to coordinate production with design, sourcing, and logistics.

The industry was closed and cold, and when he finally thought he had found a reliable partner, another obstacle would present itself. Non-uniform production quality, poor business practices, and high minimums, were just a few of the many roadblocks.  

Time Spent Searching for a Reliable Manufacturer

We can help you cut this time in half!

Urth Apparel was created to protect designers, brand, and our Earth by providing trustworthy oversight and coordination throughout every segment of apparel production and sourcing.  Our mission is to innovate and revolutionize apparel manufacturing, creating a system that cares for our Earth and promotes the well-being of all of its inhabitants. 

This mission though, would not be possible without the many amazing people that joined the founding family along the way.  Without each of them this would not be possible, as each one brought their own passion, expertise, and 75+ year family history to the cause!

From the patterns to the textiles to the garments, each of us here at Urth Apparel shares your passion for quality.   

Are you ready to bring your product to life with eco-friendly production?  Do you want to launch a quality brand that reflects your values and passion?  We can help!


First Class          Quality

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We Promise to Protect Our Clients

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Expert sewing Operators

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Sustainability and Eco-Friendly


On-Time Delivery Guaranteed

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Fair Pricing for Luxury Products

Client Testimonials

Don't believe us?  Check out what clients, press, and the people have to say about Urth, typos and all, just as they wrote it!

Happy Monday!  To start, I want to say that I am very pleased with the tank sample!  It has a great fit and the little touch of style I was looking for! 

- Stephanie Y. of New York, NY

Urth Apparel Women's Contemporary Factory.jpg

The suit looks and fits incredible!!!  

- Jake G. of Irvine, CA

Thank you, team Urth. This is very exciting to see something so close to what we envisioned! 

- Cara L. of New York, New York

Merci pour les nouveaux prototypes. Ils sont vraiment comme je les imaginais!
— Thierry B. of Paris, France

We did almost $2000 of sales and got some great feedback.  People are really excited about the softness and quality of the fabric.  As you can see, we're 'all babies all the time' around here - all 3 women who helped me at the show were pregnant too. At least we know our market...

- Gloria S. of Los Angeles, CA

I meant to call you and personally say Thank You! I was so busy today sorting them, getting them to the printer, we are in the process of moving, and getting my kiddos everywhere they needed to be I ran out of time! =)

- Alyssa D. of Anaheim, CA

Hi Team!

I received the samples you guys sent. Thank you so much! You guys nailed those stitches/ weaves. You're amazing! 

There are so many options for the fabric too...

- Martina C. of New York, NY


Urth Apparel Kidswear and Infantwear.jpg

Yes! (you know you would have heard from me if not!!!lol)!  I am in LOVE with the tanks!! Everything really came together!!!!

- Yasmin M. of Calabasas, CA

The short answer is just everything looks great!

- Laura G. of Miami, FL

the board shorts can really be something amazing...But love how they look!
— Collin C. of Los Angeles, CA
Urth Apparel Men's Contemporary Shirting and dress shirts.jpg

The white looks incredible and I can't wait to see the other colors.

- Jamie Y. of Seattle, WA

Urth Apparel Mens Raglan Sweater French Terry Mens Contemporary and luxury streetwear basics.jpg

I am excited to see them after they have been printed!  I am grateful for all of you and all that you have done!

- Colleen B. from San Francisco, CA

Urth Apparel Kidswear and Infantwear French Terry Sweater.jpg
“ Ciao ragazzi, ho ricevuto i prototipi!
Hanno superato le mie aspettative. Sono Fantastici!
Il tessuto e’ super morbido, proprio quello che stavo cercando.”
— Gian Luca L. of Milano, Italy
Urth Apparel Women's Ready to Wear Pret a Porter.jpg

The material is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. I can't wait for Jim to see and wear it.

- Gloria S. of Los Angeles, CA

you guys absolutely nailed all changes that we were looking for!  

- Stephen S. of Los Angeles, CA

Urth Apparel Women's Dresses Haute Couture.jpg
La robe est parfaite. J’ai fait les fitting avec la mannequin et les volumes sont comme espérés! Merci beaucoup!
— Cecil P. of Paris, France

Now I am going to sell them all so I can get started on another piece!

- Katelyn P. from Brooklyn, NY

I wanted to reach out directly to tell you how much I LOVE the updated 5 pocket pants that I received last week. The fit is perfect! I know this change could not have been easy to make especially when I didn’t provide highly technical drawings. The fact that they came out so well speaks to your incredible skill. I attached some pictures of my son who has started wearing them every day. I know customers will love them too

l love the rest of the line too and I know how much skill and care went into it from you and your team.
— Alexandra D. of San Francisco, CA